closetorganization copy

We are certainly getting a taste of what’s to come, weather-wise, this upcoming winter. It is snowing, sleeting, raining, and just plain old terrible out. This of course means that for those of you who still have not changed your closets over, today is THE day to do a good old fashioned overhaul. It takes time and is certainly laborious, but what a better way to spend the day indoors than prepping your wardrobe for the winter. Locate your gloves, hats, scarves, boots and take inventory. What has seen better days and should be donated or plain old tossed if it is beyond salvaging and what still has some life in it. Remember: fold knits and keep away from anything that they can catch on.  The same goes for scarves. Treat your clothes well and they will love you for years. The same goes for boots – keep them upright and stuffed to keep their shafts in shape or keep them covered in their boxes. At the end of today: take note of what you still need and keep in mind that our “Layering and Luxe” Event ends tomorrow which is a great event for scooping up knits for the season! Also, we have new deliveries arriving every week through November!

A Vintage Lock on Accessories


Our newest accessory obsession is the new vintage padlock pearl necklace from the Beadz Fall 2011 collection. Sunken treasure, a Titanic find, pirate’s booty – this necklace has an old world charm with its twisted layers of different chains and varying pearl and crystals all perfectly balanced by the vintage padlock hanging in the center. We LOVE this necklace. It is one of a kind and so perfect with an evening dress, button down shirt, t-shirt, and also sweater dress. It makes a bold enviable statement. It is our newst must-have.